Equal Time with Martha Burk

According to a recent Pentagon report, sexual assaults in the military are up almost 40% over the past two years.  Top brass is still resisting changing the system that allows senior officers to let offenders off the hook.

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The cost of college loans is already high, and will double on July 1st if Congress doesn't act.  While it's hard on men too, the pay gap and credit crunch especially affects women.  Loans are harder to get and harder to pay off.

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The U.S. is far behind other developed countries when it comes to support for motherhood.  Most mothers are in the paid workforce, and we need new policies that match reality.

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For years there has been a significant gender gap on the need for more gun control, with the majority of women in favor.  The gap has widened since Sandy Hook, and voters are now planning to punish lawmakers who voted against expanded background checks.

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