Equal Time with Martha Burk

Republican Speaker John Boehner said the recent abortion ban passed by the House was very popular and wouldn't change how women feel about the party. He's half right. It won't their relationship with women, because women already hate the GOP.

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Only 12% of American workers get any kind of paid leave for care of family members, including newborns and adopted children.  In the few companies that grant the benefit, new dads get far less than moms. It's time we recognize dads need time off too.

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Even after 50 years women working full time and year round are still behind men.  But there's another pay gap that's getting worse every year.  CEOs are reaping millions while ordinary workers -- women and men -- are falling further behind.

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Congress cuts programs for kids, the elderly and the sick to pay for the sequester, while fat cat corporations continue to reap big bucks from unfair tax breaks.

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