Equal Time with Martha Burk

Most people think McDonalds and WalMart lead the pack when it comes to creating low wage jobs in the U.S. -- but they're wrong.  The biggest offender is mostly out of sight to consumers, and responsible for more poverty level wages than these two companies combined.

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The golf club hosting the British Open this year has always barred Blacks from membership.  This year they extended the policy to cover players as well.  The R&A, governing body of UK golf, has no plans to remove Muirfield from the rotation, saying the flap over discrimination is "considerably overblown."

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Texas Governor Rick Perry is good at letting conservative women speak for his anti-abortion crusade and label pro-choice women "terrorists." Perry learned from his predecessor George W. Bush how to do it.  Pro-choice women will likely take revenge at the ballot box. They are the majority of voters and can control any election. That ought to terrify anti-abortion candidates.

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The Declaration of Independence declared that "all men are created equal," and unfortunately it meant just that.  Women still do not have equal rights in the U.S. Constitution, and they're needed now more than ever.

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