Equal Time with Martha Burk

According to the latest statistics available, one teen or child is killed with a gun every 3 hours 15 minutes, many by their peers.  It's time for some prison time.

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Roe v. Wade has been under constant attack since the Supreme Court declared abortion legal in 1973.  Right now it looks like opposition forces are winning.  More restrictions have been put in place since 2011 than during the entire previous decade.

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Love it or hate it, we're now in an election year.  This is good news for women, because they are the majority of voters, and candidates know it. If they listen, getting the female vote is just not that complicated.

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In January 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson announced the War on Poverty. Much has changed, but much has stayed the same.  Did we win or lose the War on Poverty announced in Lyndon Johnson's State of the Union address in 1964?  Poverty is down, but not by much, and we seem to be getting stingier, not more generous with the poor among us.  So was Johnson's domestic war worth it?  (Contains audio of Johnson's speech as part of the  2 1/2 minute commentary.)

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The recent budget deal had plenty for war contractors, but jobless Americans were left in the cold. For them, it's going to be a very Unhappy New Year.  Christmas is over, but the tree won’t be the only thing kicked to the curb with the new year.  As of December 28, long-term unemployed Americans will lose some or all of their already paltry benefits, courtesy of Scrooges on Capitol Hill.

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