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According to a couple of case coming up before the Supreme Court, the United States, which was founded on the principle of religious freedom, has now become a bastion of religious persecution.  The oppressed group?  American business.  Hobby Lobby and others are claiming they’re being persecuted for their faith.  Didn’t know a business could be a member of a church?  I didn’t either. I Never saw one being baptized, celebrating a bar mitzvah or making a pilgrimage to Mecca.

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There’s some new news for women on the job front -- and as usual, it’s good and it’s bad.  The good? Unlike men, women have actually regained more jobs than they lost in the recession, and their unemployment rate is under 6.4 percent.  The bad news is they’re lousy jobs.

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This year on International Women’s Day we honor two female members of the Resistance during World War II, who were imprisoned in the Ravensbrück women's concentration camp. Germaine Tillion Geneviève de Gaulle and will be interred in the Pantheon. They will join 72 men and only two other females -- Marie Curie, and the wife of a French politician who was buried with her husband. The motto above the door states: "To great men, a grateful country."  At long last, it may now also become a monument to great women.

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If you look only at the categories for acting, women come in for an equal share of the Oscars.  But peeking behind the velvet curtains, a different picture emerges.  Women are still a tiny minority in the movie business overall -- so much so the lack of opportunity has been dubbed the "celluloid ceiling." An interview with Women and Hollywood founder Melissa Silverstein.

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