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The Senate has passed a bill to restore benefit payments to the long-term unemployed,but Speaker John Boehner says he won’t bring it up in the House until the cost is paid for, meaning spending cuts somewhere else.  Fair enough.  Here are a few suggestions for cutting welfare to save taxpayer money.

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Workers– women and men alike -- are increasingly forced to sign arbitration agreements as a condition of getting hired.  That means if they learn about pay discrimination or they are sexually harassed on the job, they can’t go to court – they’re forced to go to arbitration instead.  And most of the time the arbitrator is chosen by -- you guessed it --the company of course.

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Way back in the '70s there were country songs bemoaning taxes. Things have changed a lot since then -- for the worst.  In those days the rich paid their fair share.  Now ordinary workers pay far more than those who don't go to work at all -- fat cats living off dividends and capital gains.  And many major corporations pay zero taxes too.  To paraphrase another '70s ditty -- "they got the gold mine, we got the shaft."

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A unique kind of bracket was created this year by the American Association of University Women. They ranked schools on how big the head coaching pay gaps were between men's and women's teams.  Coaches of women's teams are getting shortchanged -- by a lot -- at every school in the tournament.  UConn's women’s basketball squad has a better record than the men's team, but women’s head coaches get only 49% the dollars showered on their male counterparts.   Florida pays women’s team coaches only 21% of what the men’s coaches get, Kentucky 22%, and Wisconsin 26%.

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