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There’s a new twist on forced arbitration that goes far beyond the workplace.  It literally affects everybody – because it’s aimed at people who buy food.  General Mills, maker of Cheerios and Chex, Bisquick and Betty Crocker, has added language to its website telling consumers that they give up their right to sue the company if they interact with it in any way.  Never mind if the cake mix contains ground glass or there’s a few mouse droppings in the cracker box.  According to corporate reasoning, you signed away your rights merely by buying the product.  Other companies are sure to follow.

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A replay from May 25, 2013

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The GOP has picked Obamacare as the so-called “hottest” election year issue.  They say it's a failure.  Trouble is, they have to tell lies to back up their claim. Prices are down, enrollments are up, and people think it's generally a good idea.  Come election day, we may see some liars turned out of office.

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A replay from from May 11, 2013

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Michael Bloomberg spent $12 million last year trying to get members of the Senate to vote for background checks, but his return on investment was lousy.  So this year Mr. Bloomberg has as a new strategy.  Instead of trying to change lawmaker’s minds, he’s going to try and change their faces.  Borrowing a page from the NRA playbook, his new group, Everytown For Gun Safey, will campaign against lawmakers who don’t support their agenda.

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