Equal Time with Martha Burk

Ebola panic is sweeping the nation, and politicians, always eager to take advantage of voters’ fears, are jumping on the bandwagon hoping it will pay off at the ballot box. Most female voters aren't buying the baloney -- Gallup polls show equal pay is the number one issue.

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It’s been a rough couple of years for reproductive rights – not only with the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision granting corporate control of contraception, but in Congress and statehouses around the country.  Females are the majority of voters, and a super-majority when they’re joined by men who support them. Women can control any election, and we’d better make it happen.

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We’re in the countdown to the mid-term elections, so let’s talk about what’s at stake for the majority of voters – women.  Unfortunately women also make up another majority -- those working for our pathetic $7.25 an hour minimum wage.

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First of five broadcasts on what's at stake for women in the upcoming elections.  Today's topic: Some candidates are promising to repeal Obamacare if elected.  What does it mean for women if the system goes away?

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