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A replay of “What Price the Princess Cult? Toys, our kids, and harmful messages” from December 2012.  Listen to it again here!

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A replay of  "No Turkey, Just Thanksgiving Trimmings" from November 2013.  Listen to it again here!

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After a drubbing in the elections President says he wants to work with the new Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell.  Let’s they don't shake hands on the Trans Pacific Partnership, which McConnell has named as a priority.  What is it?  A giant  trade agreement between the US and twelve  Pacific Rim nations now being negotiated in secret -- and it's a disaster for U.S. workers.  

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When it comes to how we treat our veterans, we do pretty well in some areas, but fall down in others. Homelessness is one of the worst.  It’s way too high for both male and female vets – and this is one area where women are catching up to men.

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Women are the majority of the population, of registered voters, and of those who actually show up at the polls, meaning they can control any election.  The gender gap is alive and well -- women usually go for Dems and men stick with the good ol' boys in the Republican party.  But if candidates listen, getting the female vote is just not that complicated.

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