Equal Time with Martha Burk

Well we did it.  Made it through another year. Women have had some good news, and some bad news. And what with wars, floods, domestic violence, police shootings and all the rest, we’ve probably missed a few things. So let’s review some items that didn’t make the front pages in 2014.

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This time of year the world celebrates peace – or claims to.   Radical Islamist Taliban insurgents have intensified their attacks on the Afghan capital with brazen bombings and afternoon raids. They’ve gone after Kabul’s police chief and an outspoken women’s rights activist.  That may be because Afghan women are actively agitating for a place at the peace table.  According to the international aid group Oxfam, women are being left out of government efforts to start peace talks with the Taliban.

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We celebrate a lot during the holiday season – family, faith, giving.  But since 2012 the season is not all about celebrating. It’s also about remembering one of the darkest days in decades, December 14, 2012  – when 20 first graders and 6 educators at Sandy Hook elementary school were gunned down by an ex-student wielding a shotgun.

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The last of the turkey’s gone to hash, and Black Friday is behind us.  We’re now into a  full-on month of shop till you drop.  Consumers are snapping up mountains of plastic soon-to-be-junk from toy stores and big boxes alike. Is it stuff we need?  Will we love it in January? And what's the message we're sending our kids? There's a better way, and here it is.

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