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Lately we’ve been awash in a debate over the term “radical Islamist.”  Should we use it or not?  In addition to savage beheadings and mass shootings, they want to send women back to the stone age.  But as a woman in the U.S., I don’t fear them nearly as much as I fear the “radical Christians.”  

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Priorities for women in 2015

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In January we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., one of the greatest icons of the 20th century, known by all as the strongest advocate for equal rights for African Americans using non-violence.  King was a great man indeed, but we should also be celebrating the January birthday of another civil rights hero who pioneered non-violence, and preceded King by half a century.

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The U.S. Senate convened on January 6th, with 13 new members. he new crop includes twelve Republicans, and a single Democrat.  Some people think 13 is a lucky number, but when it comes to votes in the new senate, it could be very unlucky for women.

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The mediocre movie "The Interview" catapulted to international fame when Sony pictures caved to the North Korean government and scuttled -- but later reinstated -- the picture’s opening.  That caused "Interview" to rake in $20 million bucks in its first couple of weeks.  The bonanza was triggered by a major hack of Sony’s computers that revealed the movie’s comical plot about assassinating the North Korean president. But something else was revealed in the hack that is no laughing matter. Sony is guilty of sex discrimination in pay –  the gender pay gap is alive and well, even at the highest levels.  Case in point: Jennifer Lawrence.

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