Equal Time with Martha Burk

It takes until April of every year for women to catch up to what men made by the previous December 31, and that's for full-time year-round workers.  President Obama could do a lot, even without Congress.

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AARP has done a feature on best places to retire for years, and Time magazine does a similar analysis on “best places to live.”  But nobody has done an analysis specifically aimed at women – until now.  

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The Grand Old Party is trying desperately to appeal to women – the majority of voters – and denies that it has engaged in a so-called war on women in the last few years.  If that’s true their upcoming budget should show it. The Obama budget wants to triple the tax credit for child care.  We’ll see what the GOP proposes.  After all, they’re supposed to be for family values.

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Afghanistan President Asraf Ghani is scheduled to visit the U.S. this month.  He said in February that peace talks with the Taliban would start soon, and reports say the talks could also start in March.  Let's hope so. For the past year it's been hard to see progress through the bombs and bullets.  Afghanistan is a place where peace just won't stick, and women are all but shut out of negotiations.

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March 8 is International Women’s Day, so it’s time to check in on where the good old U S of A stands in relation to the rest of the world when it comes to gender equality.  Spoiler alert – we’re not number one.

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