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The U.S. has put a dozen aircraft carriers and guided missile cruisers off the coast of Yemen, to support Saudi Arabia's military strikes against Yemeni rebels.  At the same time the Saudis declared war on the rebels, they also stepped up another longtime war – the one on women. The king has used the conflict as an excuse to put all reforms of their punitive anti-woman system on hold.

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This is the time of year when "good guy" awards are given out like candy to corporations supposedly good for women and minorities.  Working Mother magazine just listed "Best Companies for Multicultural Women."  But behind the scenes these companies aren't so great for women.

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The U.S. tax system is supposed to be fair.  But is it?  If you're an ordinary worker, you're taxed at a much higher rate than investors and corporations.  Corporations claim they have the same rights as people -- so let's tax them the same as people.

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The golf world will be obsessed this week with the Masters Tournament.  The Green Dinos at Augusta National Golf Club will wine, dine, and brag about how their club is so exclusive the membership roster is secret.  Well, mostly secret.

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