Equal Time with Martha Burk

We all know about taxes – income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, use taxes, entertainment taxes – it seems like the list is endless. But there’s one tax that’s a new one on me, even though I’ve been paying it for most of my life.  If you’re a female, chances are you’ve been paying it too.

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Republican Speaker John Boehner said the recent abortion ban passed by the House was very popular and wouldn't change how women feel about the party. He's right. It won't how women feel, because women already hate the GOP.

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Too often when Albuquerque is in the news, it's bad – a police department under scrutiny by the Justice Department, or an unsolvable homeless problem.  But recently the city made news for something good – especially good  for women. Initiated by Mayor Richard Berry, the Albuquerque City Council unanimously passed a strong gender pay equity initiative that is the first in the nation.

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The U.S. is far behind other developed countries when it comes to support for motherhood.  Most mothers are in the paid workforce, and we need new policies that match reality.

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