Equal Time with Martha Burk

July 30 marks a very important anniversary in our modern political history.  In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicare and Medicaid into law, creating two programs that would  improve the lives of Americans, especially women. Fast forward to 2015, and both are very much under siege. Nowhere is the struggle starker than in competing budgets now on Capitol Hill.  

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The U.S. Senate has done it again – blocked a vote on the Military Justice Improvement Act.  It’s a bill by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand that would move the decision about whether to prosecute sexual assault in the military from the chain-of-command and turn it over to independent military prosecutors. Right now, senior officers -- not law enforcement -- get to decide guilt or innocence. Most of the victims are afraid of being punished by superiors if they come forward. And for good reason.

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Are you a person who can’t go a whole day, or even a whole hour without checking Facebook?  Or do you belong in the opposite camp with other folks who declare it a colossal waste of time?  Either way, you should be paying attention to some recent developments at this behemoth of online business, especially if you’re female.

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The so-called religious freedom laws Republican candidates seek are fig leafs for discrimination against gay couples.  But if such laws become reality, they would go far beyond the ability of a Christian business to refuse to cater a gay wedding. Other religions would by definition be accorded equal rights to discriminate based on their own beliefs.

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