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President Obama got a short reprieve when Russia put forward a plan to avoid a U.S. missile strike on Syria by sequestering Syria’s chemical weapons. In the constant administration drumbeat for military action, too many people have been saying the only other option is doing nothing. But Syrian women have a better plan. Even as the Russian-U.S. talks are looking for a solution that avoids a U.S. attack, Syrian women are campaigning to reframe the options altogether. The Syrian Women’s Forum for Peace is working for a democratic Syrian state through peaceful means.

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Syria has used chemical weapons on its people, and a unified world response is in order.  But the case for the U.S. bombing Syria alone on the grounds of national security is weak, and will cost billions.  The real threat to our national security is economic.  Here are some things the money could buy.

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Labor Day was created in the 19th century by the unions, to celebrate the economic achievements of American workers. But if we look at the 21st century “economic achievements” by U.S. corporations in taking advantage of their low wage employees, we might as well rename it Labor Exploitation Day.  Big low-wage employers are now issuing ATM style "payroll cards" instead of paychecks, costing low wage employees hundreds of dollars a year just to acess their money.

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Though women worked as hard as men in the civil rights movement, they were very often made invisible.  At its core the movement was about the personhood of black men.  Indeed, "I AM A MAN" was often seen on placards, and is an enduring image of the era. Women were blocked from recognition at the March on Washington rally, not allowed to speak nor to attend a meeting at the White House. It's time these women were written back into history.

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Women have made steady gains in many areas since they got the right to vote in August of 1920, but there is still work to do.  When elected officials refuse to back pro-woman policies, today's females should borrow a page from the suffragists and use their votes to hold elected officials accountable.

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Blaming Hillary Clinton for everything from Huma Abedin's reaction to her husband's sextcapades to global unrest, the Hillary Haters are just getting started.  Expect to be inundated between now and 2016.  They just don't want a strong woman in control.

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Groups friendly to House Republlicans are mounting an anti-Obamacare ad blitz during this month's congressional recess.  The ads are aimed at moms, but may just cause a backlash.  The ads could remind women that repealing Obamacare will eliminate cost-free birth control coverage, and they know the GOP has voted to defund family planning programs and birth control clinics. 

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Most people think McDonalds and WalMart lead the pack when it comes to creating low wage jobs in the U.S. -- but they're wrong.  The biggest offender is mostly out of sight to consumers, and responsible for more poverty level wages than these two companies combined.

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The golf club hosting the British Open this year has always barred Blacks from membership.  This year they extended the policy to cover players as well.  The R&A, governing body of UK golf, has no plans to remove Muirfield from the rotation, saying the flap over discrimination is "considerably overblown."

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Texas Governor Rick Perry is good at letting conservative women speak for his anti-abortion crusade and label pro-choice women "terrorists." Perry learned from his predecessor George W. Bush how to do it.  Pro-choice women will likely take revenge at the ballot box. They are the majority of voters and can control any election. That ought to terrify anti-abortion candidates.

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